CHAPTER 003 - Uchiha SasukeEdit

Naruto wakes up early in the morning and heads to class for his first day as a Genin level shinobi. At school, he spots Sakura Haruno, a fellow classmate he has a big crush on. But Sakura doesn’t want anything to do with Naruto and tells him to move because she wants to sit next to Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke is the most popular guy in class and all the girls like him, especially Sakura.

Naruto gets annoyed and hops on the desk in front of Sasuke and stares at him face to face. A student accidentally bumps Naruto from behind. Naruto ends up falling forward and kissing Sasuke in the mouth. Both of them reel back in disgust at what just happened. Sakura gets really pissed that Naruto stole Sasuke’s first kiss from her and gives him a good pounding.

Iruka arrives to class and assigns the students into three-man teams with a Jounin sensei to lead them on missions. To balance the team’s strength, he puts Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke together to form team 7. Naruto complains about being on the same team as Sasuke, but Iruka reminds him that it’s because while Sasuke was ranked first of all the Genin graduates, Naruto was dead last.

The class is dismissed for lunch, but Naruto comes up with a sneaky plan. While Sasuke has his guard down while eating, Naruto sneaks up on him and ties him up. He disguises himself as Sasuke using transformation jutsu and approaches Sakura. He asks her what he thinks about Naruto, but is disappointed when she calls him annoying. Sakura tries to kiss him, but Naruto suddenly gets diarrhea and has to rush off to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the real Sasuke has untied himself and coincidentally meets Sakura at the same place. Sakura wants to continue off where they left off, but Sasuke only wants to know where Naruto is. Sakura begins to badmouth Naruto because he grew up without parents, this strikes a nerve with Sasuke and he tells Sakura that she’s annoying.

Naruto finishes his business on the toilet and rushes back, but is surprised to meet Sasuke. Sakura, having been stunned by Sasuke’s words, realizes that Naruto must feel the same way when she called him annoying and decides to be nicer to him next time. At Naruto’s home, the Third Hokage and a masked ninja inspect the place, they find a carton of milk that had expired days ago. The Hokage assigns the masked ninja to be Naruto’s sensei and warns that the Uchiha clan’s Sasuke is also on the team.

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