CHAPTER 004 - Hatake KakashiEdit

Inside a classroom, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke wait for their Jounin team leader who is late. Naruto decides to pull a prank by setting up a chalkboard eraser trap at the door. Surprisingly, when the Jounin arrives, he actually falls for it.

Team 7’s Jounin leader is named Kakashi Hatake. He sits down with Naruto and the others to introduced themselves and speak about their dreams. Naruto’s talk seems to be all about ramen but he surprises Kakashi when says his dream is to surpass the Hokage. Saskue is next and his ambitions is to resurrect his clan and to kill a certain man. Although Naruto and Sakura are confused, Kakashi seems to know what Sasuke is referring to. Sakura is last and her likes and dreams all seem to involve Sasuke, her only dislike happens to be Naruto.

With introductions over, Kakashi tells his students that they will undergo survival training the next day. Everyone is shocked to hear that the failure rate is 66% because out of the 27 Academy graduates, only 9 will be chosen to be Genins, the rest will be sent back. Kakashi hands out instructions and tells everyone to bring all their ninja weapons and to skip breakfast tomorrow because they might throw up.

Naruto and others meet at the training grounds the next morning, but Kakashi is late again. He sets up an alarm clock to ring at noon and pulls out two bells. The mission is for get hold of one of the bells before noon. The real reason why Kakashi told everyone to skip breakfast was because those who fail will get no lunch and be tied up to a stump while the others eat. Because there are only two bells, one of them is bound to fail and be sent back to the Academy. Kakashi tells them to use their weapons and come at him with the intent to kill.

When Naruto starts boasting, Kakashi calls him Mr. dead last. Naruto is enraged and pulls out a kunai to attack. But before he can throw it, Kakashi suddenly appears behind him and restrains Naruto. He tells Naruto he hasn’t said to start yet, but he adds that he is starting to like Naruto and the others. Kakashi then shouts for them to begin and everyone breaks off.

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