CHAPTER 005 - Carelessness is Your Worst EnemyEdit

The most important thing for a shinobi is to be able to hide himself well. Sasuke and Sakura both conceal themselves in the brush but Naruto chooses to stand out in the open and challenges Kakashi to fight him. He charges at Kakashi but stops when his sensei reaches into his pouch for something. However, Kakashi only pulls out a book entitled “Icha Icha Parasisu” (Come Come Paradise) and tells Naruto to continue because it won’t make a difference whether he’s reading or not.

Naruto gets angry and throws a flurry o kicks and punches at Kakashi but all of them are blocked or avoided effortlessly. As Naruto throws his last punch, Kakashi suddenly appears behind him and forms a fire seal with his hands. But instead of performing a ninjutsu, Kakashi uses a move he calls ‘A Thousand Years of Pain’ on Naruto - which is really just a powerful ass poke.

Naruto is sent flying through the air and lands in the river. He throws two shurikens from the water but Kakashi catches them without even looking. Naruto is determined not to fail and performs a hand seal. As Naruto crawls out of the water, Kakashi walks up and tells him he is pretty weak for someone who wants to surpass the Hokage. As Kakashi walks away, Naruto makes his move and calls out seven Shadow Clones from the water. Kakashi knows that they aren’t just illusions like regular clones, but are physical duplicates of Naruto. But even so, Kakashi tells Naruto he can’t beat him with just that jutsu.

But Naruto has another tricked prepared. An eighth clone sneaks up on Kakashi from behind and restrains him. Naruto and the other clones rush forward to get some payback for earlier. But as his punch connects, Naruto realizes he had just punched one of clones and Kakashi is nowhere to be seen.

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